Saving a Water Damaged Mattress

If your mattress as experienced water damage, you’re probably wondering in case you can save it if you just need to throw it all out. Considering that a mattress is a huge investment, you don’t need to just throw it out, however, you also don’t want to handle mold in the mattress that could make you sick.

We’re here to tell you just how to dry a mattress and also what your options are if water damage has occurred. In some cases, you may save the mattress and still continue to use it safely. Unfortunately, in other circumstances, you are going to need to consider it a complete loss.

As soon as possible, take immediate actions to attempt to rescue your water damaged mattress. The longer you wait, the greater the chances of having to throw away the mattress will be. The first thing you need to do is to see how moist the mattress is.

If it is totally soaked or has been involved in a flood, you might not have any option except to throw it off. In some cases, you may call a professional water damage restoration company which might be able to conserve your mattress.

In the event the water damaged mattress wasn’t totally underwater, you could be able to wash and repair it yourself. We are going to help you through the steps. Whether you hire a company to dry the mattress or perform yourself, you need to see to the mattress within 24 hours to prevent mold.

First Step — Determine if You Should Try and Restore and Repair the Water Damaged Mattress
Before you spend some time trying to fix your water damaged mattress or hire a company to wash the mattress, then you want to consider whether it is worth fixing or ought to be discarded.

You should look in three Major variables:

  • The mattress price and age: If you have a more expensive or older mattress, you would be better off using the money to restore the mattress to receive a brand new one.
  • The fabric of the mattress: A memory foam, cotton, or rubber mattress is usually one you need to throw off since mold can grow within the mattress where it can’t be cleaned. If the mattress has springs, you have a better probability of making it secure since it allows for adequate air circulation.
  • The extent of the damage: As we mentioned previously, a totally soaked mattress that’s been underwater is one which you may not have the ability to save.

If the mattress is really moist and it’s been this way for over 48 hours, it is time to throw it away and move mattress shopping. Mold on a mattress is a real problem and health hazard, and it is an opportunity you don’t want to take.

Dry the Mattress Totally

The sooner you can find the mattress tender, the better. You will want to get as much water from the mattress before you move it because the water tends to make it very heavy.

Rent a wet-dry shop vacuum and put it to use over the entire mattress surface to suck as much water as possible. You might want to try this several times until no water is coming up. Baking soda will help absorb scents, and protect against mold.

Give the baking soda a few hours to work its magic and then vacuum it up. If the mattress is really wet, you may use kitty litter in place of baking soda to absorb moisture. Sprinkle it over the mattress, work it in, let it place, and then vacuum it up. Repeat either the baking soda or kitty litter method until you feel like you’ve gotten as much moisture as you can.

When the mattress is dry, vacuum the mattress to remove any dirt and other debris. It might be a good idea to do this a few times on each side of your mattress. This can allow you to get the mattress cleaner and might even pull out additional water which you did not realize has been lingering.

Clean up the Mattress

Next, you would like to use an alcohol solution (1 part alcohol and one part water) to wash down the mattress and attempt to acquire the mattress cleanser. The very best method to do this is to get a cloth wet with all the alcohol solution, wring it out, and wash down the mattress instead of employing the solution right to the mattress. The alcohol might assist in preventing mold also.

Place the Water Damaged Mattress in Sunlight

Although you’ve done best you can so much, moisture may remain in the mattress. A terrific way to help make sure the mattress is dry and sanitary is to place it in sunlight. The sun will dry it out and in addition, it functions as a pure sanitizer.

Stand up the mattress on its side using assistance so it will not fall over or leaning against a wall so airflow can circulate. If you can not take the mattress outside, a dehumidifier and lovers will help complete the drying process.

Smell Test

When you’ve the mattress dried, then dried, and cleaned, put your nose near and odor for any lingering scents. Mold can be white, green, and black and it may not be observable on the surface as it’s within the mattress.

If you can’t get the mattress totally dry or detect mold growth on it at all, throw it out. It’s not worth endangering your health. Remember, it’s better to call a water damage professional because you take a large risk hoping to wash your water damaged mattress .

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