Common Air Conditioning Problems

Posted by on Apr 8, 2013 in Air Conditioning Repair Clearwater FL, Maintenance Tips

Like all appliances, a cooling system will eventually fall short we know at Air Conditioning Repair Clearwater FL.  Possibly it seems louder than typical, or makes a bang sound when it starts. Possibly it simply won’t begin. The following lists some common problems that happen and some suggested activities you can take.

Air Conditioning Repair Clearwater FL’s Standard List of Common AC Problems

The Air Conditioner Is Running, But It’s Not Cooling
A stalled condenser coil may be the cause of warm air flowing out of your vents. As the coil is the element that creates the cold air, this could be the likely source. A number of reasons might cause this. While the fan can still be blowing, the condenser might be off do to a tripped breaker or blown fuse. Occasionally it could be a reduced level of refrigerant. In these cases, an expert AC professional need to be called to repair the issue.

The AC Is Louder Than Normal
All AC systems make some sound when they are running, nevertheless loud banging, rattling or shaking can represent that something is wrong. Possibly there was a mistake made during setup like the device being improperly charged, the system not being installed on a degree platform or not being secured to the platform, or the use of the wrong size copper line which can restrict oil circulation to the compressor. If the noise is originating from the inside unit (air handler), maybe a belt is slipping if the device is an older model. In any scenario, shut off you’re cooling system, an expert must be consulted to identify and deal with the trouble.

The Air Conditioning System Won’t Start
If you’re cooling unit will not come on, there are a couple of quick things you can examine that might conserve you a service call from an expert. Start with the thermostat, as a damaged thermostat can stop the system. If it is a programmable thermostat, check the battery and inspect the settings. If you know how to pop off the thermostat cover, check to make certain the thermostat wires are connected and not loose. If the thermostat is working appropriately go to your breaker panel and the detach box outside near your system. Examine to ensure the circuits have actually not been tripped. If among them has, then consider what may have changed at your house that might have triggered this before you reset the breaker. If the breaker journeys once again, it’s time to stop and generate an expert to detect the circumstance and take care of the problem.

These are some of the most usual circumstances when diagnosing and repairing cooling systems, however, this is definitely not an exhaustive list of prospective problems. It is constantly a good concept to employ an expert if the trouble is not an easy fix, and definitely if it needs taking care of power or refrigerant. We have trained and licensed specialists that can diagnose your issues rapidly. We have actually found numerous of our repair work calls could have been prevented if the AC unit had been serviced frequently and maintained. Think about a Maintenance Service Agreement with us to keep your system running at peak effectiveness.

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