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Why Use an Air Conditioner Cover

Posted by on Dec 1, 2015 in Air Conditioning Repair Clearwater FL, Maintenance Tips | 0 comments

As part of ones routine activities to do around the house to have it all set for the cold season, one should consider some winterizing steps for the air conditioning system too. It is crucial if one wishes to lower the possible problems that can happen to the outdoor air condenser unit. The inside pieces of the AC system will be fine over the winter months, but the potential problems because of debris doing harm to the outdoor cooling system components are what one ought to be aware of. Clearwater AC Repair Dangers of Moisture and Debris The greatest threat to the AC unit during the fall and...

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What To Do When the Air Conditioner Does Not Start

Posted by on Sep 21, 2013 in Air Conditioning Repair Clearwater FL, Maintenance Tips | 0 comments

It can be frightening to turn on your ac unit during a hot Florida day and have nothing occur. If your ac unit is not switching on, it could be an indicator that the system really needs expert repair works. Or it could be something simple you can care for yourself. In this post, we’ll go over reasons your air conditioning could be unresponsive and exactly what you can do about it. If the issue appears serious or this post does not assist you resolve the issue, then give Air Conditioning Repair Clearwater Florida a call to take care of your a/c.  You may also want to read our article...

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Save Lost Electricity at Home

Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Air Conditioning Repair Clearwater FL, Maintenance Tips | 0 comments

Energy vampires don’t only соmе out аt night. They’re sucking the electrical juice in your home 24/7, whether уоu knоw it оr not. An energy vampire iѕ аnу оnе оf a myriad devices that remain оn standby оr in sleep mode mоѕt оf the time, уеt kеер consuming electricity аѕ long аѕ they’re plugged in says Air Conditioning Repair Clearwater FL. The following are startling facts from the Union of Concerned Scientists: This wasted energy, known as standby or phantom energy loss, represents a relatively small but growing percentage of an individual home’s electricity use (about five percent), but...

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Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Posted by on May 28, 2013 in Air Conditioning Repair Clearwater FL, Maintenance Tips | 0 comments

In the high summer heat, you might have your air conditioning system running complete blast for at least 8 – 10 hours a day. It’s around this time that many typical air conditioning unit troubles start revealing, however with proper tracking of the cooling system, they might be avoided says Air Conditioning Repair Clearwater FL. The Five Most Common Air Conditioner Problems Improper refrigerant levels – the single most important factor in keeping your air conditioning unit is seeing to it your refrigerant is at the appropriate level. The refrigerant in your AC is set at...

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Air-Source Heat Pumps for Heating and Cooling

Posted by on May 24, 2013 in Air Conditioning Repair Clearwater FL | 0 comments

When your old cooling and heating system demands switching out, take into consideration an air-source heat pump. These are one of the most energy-efficient means to condition your residence suggests Air Conditioning Repair Clearwater FL. A heat pump is capable of making 3 times much more heat from one device of electricity, something that other type of fuel-burning heaters or electric heater could not. Heat pumps work by relocating heat from one location to another. They bring it inside in the winter season and eliminate it in the summer, much like a refrigerator does. Each heat pump has a...

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